Catalyst Athletics is a USA Weightlifting National Championship team with multiple national champions, American Open champions, international team members, and national and state record holders.

The Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting Association (CWA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses your tax-deductible donations to help our competitive weightlifters with competition and training expenses, stipends and performance bonuses.


Any donation you can make, whether a one-time payment or an annually repeating contribution, is welcomed gratefully by the team and will be used for the athletes. All donations are tax deductible.

Corporate donors please contact us at to learn more.

Team Members

Sam Kleinschmidt
Sam Kleinschmidt 87 kg
National champion, American Open champion, 2-time National Championships bronze medalist, American Open silver medalist
Erin Andica
Erin Andica 71 kg
World & PanAm team member, 2-time National Champion, 2-time American Open Champion, 3-time University National Champion
Amanda Braddock
Amanda Braddock 49 kg
Canadian record holder, National champion, World & PanAm team member, World championships clean & jerk bronze medalist, LV International Open champion
Chelsea Ryan
Chelsea Ryan 71 kg
National Championships & American Open competitor

Lily Salisbury
Lily Salisbury 59 kg
Junior National Championships bronze medalist, U25 Championships silver medalist, Oregon state snatch, clean & jerk and total record holder
Jocelyn Forest Haynes
Jocelyn Haynes 59 kg
American Open silver medalist, National Championships Clean & Jerk silver medalist

Susan Murphy
Susan Murphy 76 kg
American Open Series Silver Medalist, National Championships & American Open competitor

Kristin Pope
Kristin Pope 64 kg
National championships snatch silver medalist, American Open snatch silver medalist, University nationals clean & jerk silver medalist, University World Games team member, LV International Open bronze medalist
Sarabeth McLendon
Sarabeth McLendon 59 kg
National championships silver medalist, American Open champion

Lindsay Pace
Lindsay Pace 64 kg
University National Championships bronze medalist

Alyssa Sulay
Alyssa Sulay 64 kg
National Championships snatch bronze medalist

Laura Alexander
Laura Alexander 71 kg
National Championships competitor

Rachel Roller
Rachel Roller 49 kg
National Championships and American Open competitor, U25 Championships bronze medalist

Zack Villareal
Zack Villareal 89 kg
National championships and American Open competitor

Retired/At-Large Lifters

John Downey
John Downey 85 kg
National champion, National Championships bronze medalist, American Open Silver and Bronze medalist

Kara Doherty
Kara Doherty 75 kg
4-time Canadian National Champion
Brian Wilhelm
Brian Wilhelm 105+ kg
National Championships silver medalist, American Open silver medalist

Jess Lucero
Jess Lucero 58 kg
World & PanAm team member, American record holder, 3-time National Champion, heaviest American woman to clean & jerk double bodyweight
Tamara Solari
Tamara Solari 75+ kg
National Championships bronze medalist, American Open silver medalist

Danielle Welihozkiy
Danielle Welihozkiy 53 kg
American Open champion, Collegiate National Champion, National Championship bronze medalist.
Jes Liao
Jes Liao 48 kg
National Championships and American Open competitor
Jason Marks
Jason Marks 77 kg
National Championships and American Open competitor, PWA snatch and clean & jerk record holder
Adee Cazayoux
Adee Cazayoux 64 kg
National Championships competitor (Canada)

Snow Charpentier
Snow Charpentier 55 kg
American Open bronze medalist, Oregon snatch, clean & jerk, total record holder


Greg Everett
Greg Everett 105 kg
National Championships and American Open competitor, masters national champion, masters American Open champion, masters American record holder, Olympic Trials coach
Aimee Everett
Aimee Everett 69 kg
National Champion, American Open silver medalist, masters National Champion, masters World Cup champion, and masters American Record Holder, former Olympic Training Center resident, Olympic Trials coach
Mike Gray
Mike Gray 105 kg
American Open competitor

Team Awards

2016 National Champions
2012 American Open Silver
2013 National Championship Bronze
2014 National Championship Bronze
2016 American Open Silver
2018 National Championships Bronze
2018 American Open Silver
2019 National Championships Silver